Segovia: Worth the Wait

This was our second attempt: on Round 1, we had arrived, famished, to find the restaurant not yet open. Round 2: we queued for 45 minutes, famished again.  Was it worth it?  Well, I ate so much I could barely walk afterwards.

During our wait (no rezzos) we had plenty of time to admire the decor.  It reads cozy with modern elements — although the meat-hook coat rack in the foyer is a bit of a miss from a functional standpoint.  Service was prompt, polite, and not overly slutty.  The chef’s table is nicely nestled in a corner, and the chefs are pleasant but not overly solicitous.  Love the cooking tats, by the way.

Cocktails: the Segovia Gin and Tonic has a scoop of lime sherbert – a nice twist on the classic. The Whiskey Sour was an adult version of the orange cremes my Mom used to make.

The menu is a procession of small plates; this is the first restaurant to bring the tapas craze to Winnipeg and it carries it off adeptly.  The spicy Guandillo peppers were great paired with the crisp Patatas Bravas, although we found the price points a bit out of whack — they could have charged a bit less for the relatively small serving of peppers and a bit more for the delicious plate of spuds.  The Chorizo with Apples was perfect, as was the Salt and Pepper Squid with Saffron Apple Aioli.  We would have laid down our lives for the chef who created the Hangar Steak with beets and horseradish – so carnal, so good.  The Salt Cod Croquettes were tasty, but the Romesco sauce they were served with was tastier.  We didn’t try the Pork Belly, but judging by the moans coming from the table beside us, it seemed pretty good too. And then truly one of the best desserts I have ever had: Chocolate Tart with Cardamom Ice Cream and Pine Nut Brittle.

Total bill for all this, plus a few more drinks: $81.32 before gratuity.  I was so full I had to recline the seat on the way home, and then toppled onto my couch.  Much purring and burping followed.

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