In Love with Baraka Pita Bakery

Baraka Bakery

Inspired by my recent visit to Marché Akhavan in Montreal, I decided to investigate the Peg’s Middle Eastern food possibilities.  And so began my love affair with Baraka Pita Bakery.  A humble outpost a long way down Main Street, Baraka Bakery is run by a Lebanese family with a commitment to quality.

The headliner at Baraka is the Za’atar Pita Pie – a pita baked fresh to order and adorned with a blend of thyme, oregano, marjoram, sesame seeds, salt, and sumac.

Za'atar Bread - Note the Gear Shift

Za’atar pita might not be for every prairie palate – it’s sort of like a Sourpuss Herbes de Provence Pizza, sans cheese. You’ll like it if you’re the sort of Joe who would choose cheese over cheesecake. (Given the option of eating only one…).  Zolli had an incident with Baraka’s Za’atar pita – it involved driving down Main Street too slowly, indelible grease stains on her best skinny jeans, and a considerable mess in the car.  Za’atar pita is not really the sort of thing you wait to get home to eat.

Also lovely are the shwarma and kabob sandwiches, made on the spot and lashed with generous amounts of tahini sauce and pickles.  Tabbouleh, Lebanese stuffed grape leaves, and sweets are also sure to please.

Chicken Shwarma

Take out:  I induced heartburn during my encounter with the spinach fatir, which are little pita pastries filled with zippy spinach.  Beef and cheese versions are also tasty; ask what’s fresh that day.  The sundried tomato hummus is a completely different animal than what you get at Safeway, but the baba ganouj is the true star of the take-out menu.  With pride, the young Lebanese man who works the counter explained to me how he chars the eggplant in the hot hot oven, then mashes it and mixes with tahini. There was an incident with the baba ganouj too – it was at 2 AM, on my living room couch, and involved nothing other than a container of the baba ganouj and a spoon.  The pita seemed superfluous.



But speaking of the pita: they cook it daily in the back, and it’s best eaten fresh, with all of the above.

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11 thoughts on “In Love with Baraka Pita Bakery

  1. I am so glad more and more people are finding this place. Our entire family (including the 3 year old) loves this place. We always feel welcomed and are slowly making our way through the menu. The first time we went I was looking at the menu board and was having a hard tiem decidingbetweent he falafel or chicken. A woman, a stranger, acosted me, gabbed my arm and empahtically told me “Its all good. so so good. really everything. I mean it. Every thing. I am serious. Everything. Try the chicken and move on from there. I am here every week. Pick something, anything. its all great.” That was the first time anything like that had happened to me in a restaurant I can tell you.
    great blog btw.

  2. Christine: Thanks for stopping by Zollipop, and for reinforcing to Winnipeg the greatness of Baraka Pita Bakery! I was just there the other day – I could barely stop myself from digging into my Baba Ganoush with my bare fingers on the drive home!
    Hooray for pita ovens!

    • I’ve made this several times since senieg you make it on Dr Oz and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! It’s my very favorite breakfast now. However, I do have to break the egg to get it to cook right and I also need to microwave it longer. Difference in microwave maybe. No matter, it’s worth the wait!

      • Latest models have eased up a bit on that next shot of aritcc air pushing over us this weekend. Models now hinting that the core of the next Arctic push will stay north of us over northern MB this weekend (although we’ll still be cold as we get a piece of it, possibly ushered in with a dusting to 1 cm of snow Saturday), while a secondary lobe of Arctic air drives down over Alberta and BC (GFS is most aggressive on this scenario with an insane -40C 850 core pile-driving down over the AB/BC border Sunday into Monday) This spawns a low over the northern US Rockies Sunday into Monday with a trof over the southern Prairies which eventually brings the next reinforcing shot of Arctic air over southern MB Monday into Tuesday. Latest GLB and GFS indicate we could see a few cm of snow Monday (2-5 cm?) with the passage of that trough followed by plunging temperatures and bitter windchills early next week. GFS had been advertising a warmup by mid December but it looks like they’ve backed off on that scenario.

    • Wind warnings are reqeriud for sustained winds of 60 km/h or more, or gusts of 90 km/h or greater. I don’t think they’ll be that strong here in Winnipeg Sunday night into Monday morning, but we’ll come close.. maybe 50 gusting 70 km/h. GFS indicating that the core of the strongest winds (50 kt jet at 850 mb) will move over SE SK into the RRV of ND early Monday. This would bring the strongest winds over southwest MB into the southern RRV near Emerson where wind warning criteria may be reached. Of course, this can change as we get closer to the event. Of some concern would be the strong northwest winds on the southeast shores of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg which could produce high waves and local beach erosion Sunday night.

  3. mmmmm Baraka is in my neighbourhood! We go there every Friday for lunch too! I couldn’t agree with you more about the atmosphere, friendliness, and the amazing food!! The lentil soup they now serve is amazing, the garlic sauce they use in their donairs is home made! all soooooo good. I am now dreaming of having lunch there!

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